Minimising Risks

There are ways to  minimise the risks, when experiencing any of the Altitude Illnesses.

Researcher, focusing on Acute Mountain Sickness especially, found that as well as the most recognised symptoms, another good way to measure whether you are indeed suffering from AMS, is to complete the  self-diagnostic Lake Louis Score (LLS).

Important other details to assist you when experiencing AMS:

  • Ascend           – slowly, this will give your body time to adapt to altitude
  • Hydration      – drink plenty of water – try to avoid alcohol (for at least 48 hours!)
  • Medication    – Ibuprofen (can mask symptoms),try to avoid sleeping tablets
  • Diamox          – recommended medicine at altitude – this does NOT prevent AMS
  • Confide          – share how you ‘really’ feel with others, so they can help
  • Activity          – the more active you are at altitude,the greater the risk
  • Descend         – to lower altitude as soon as possible,IF possible

Paramount, when at altitude and unsure, is to seek  Medical Advice as soon as possible.

Do not wait for any symptoms to develop, please act fast, so You can save your life!

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