Lake Louise Score – Self Assessment

The Lake Louise Score is for self diagnosis of AMS, it is based on:

  • A rise in altitude within the last 4 days
  • Presence of a headache
  • Presence of at least one other symptom
  • Total score of 3 or more from the questions below
  • Add together the total score.
Headache No headache 0
Mild headache 1
Moderate   headache 2
Severe     headache, incapacitating 3
Gastrointestinal       symptoms None 0
Poor appetite or nausea 1
Moderate   nausea &/or vomiting 2
Severe       nausea &/or vomiting 3
Fatigue &/or weakness Not tired or weak 0
Mild fatigue/weakness 1
Moderate       fatigue/weakness 2
Severe       fatigue/weakness 3
Dizziness/lightheadedness Not dizzy 0
Mild dizziness 1
Moderate dizziness 2
Severe dizziness, incapacitating 3
Difficulty sleeping Slept as well as usual 0
Did not sleep as well as usual 1
Woke many times, poor sleep 2
Could not sleep at all 3
Total Score

Total score results:

  • 0 to 3           = mild AMS
  • 3 to 5           = moderate AMS
  • 6 or more   = severe AMS

The LLS is a guideline, if in doubt, please seek Medical Advice.

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