Events since 2012

27 November 2012
Para-Monte Quiz for Adam Savory
The quiz took place as our first event. Adam loved quizzes and took part in many with his friends and family. It was a way for all of us to get together, raise some money for the fund and enjoy the evening. We also had the special ‘Adam Savory T-shirts’ designed by his best friend Bryn, which were sold that evening.The total money raised for our first event was a staggering £738.00. Amazing and thank you to all who came, took part, donated and helped.
The Savory Family.

The winning team with the quiz master - Trevor and Landlady Lisa.

The winning team with the quiz master
Trevor and Landlady Lisa.

22 December 2012
Emperor the Stag – Christmas Gig for Para-Monte
Adam’s friends Alex Speirs and Nick Webb from the Eastbourne based band ‘Emperor the Stag’ held their annual Christmas gig at the Underground Theatre in Eastbourne. Alex and Nick decided to dedicate the gig to the memory of their friend Adam, in order to gather as many of his friends together as possible, at Christmas time. Among their repertoire of songs was the song penned by Alex and Nick “Live the years”, in memory of their good friend Adam. We had a stall again which sold the specially designed ‘Adam T-shirts’. Almost all of the proceeds of the evening were donated by the band to Para-Monte- ‘The Adam Savory Memorial Fund’, which amounted to a sum in excess of £500. This event was extremely well received and special to us all. Thank you to the band, the supporters and the local community.
The Savory Family.

Tickets to the event

Tickets to the event & photos >

3 March 2013
Para-Monte Team running the Eastbourne Half Marathon
Some of Adam’s family and friends who support Para-Monte took part in the Eastbourne Half Marathon. Runners collected sponsors and donations were given. Everyone has been very generous and however large or small this was gratefully received. All runners did a smashing job!
The runners included: Adam’s sister Emma Savory, Kat Brewster, Victoria Shaw, Alex Speirs, Paddy Kennedy-Williams, Luke Dabbs, Ben Curwood, Elouise Feek, Nick Webb, Shelley Hickman, Eliza Molik, Rory Markham, Harvey Burdett, Finty Jewell and Ian Turnbull.
To celebrate our fabulous achievement we gathered at our local to have a well deserved drink, to toast Adam and the magnificent money raised (Total so far to date over £3000), we’ll keep you updated on the final sum raised. Thanks also to all the local pubs and Sussex Downs College, for putting up collections boxes and sponsor forms. Well done to all the runners!
Thanks again to everyone who cheered and supported Para-Monte.
The Savory Family.

Most of the team before the run, a couple of late comers missed the photo... ooops

Most of the team before the run, a couple of late comers missed the photo… ooops.

19 March 2013
Supporting Brighton University
The Para-Monte trustees agreed to donate £300 to the Brighton University for their Peru 2013 ‘Learning Through Adventure’ trip. The donated funds aims to target specific research into the dangers of Altitude Illnesses. Dr Alan Richardson and his team propose to report back findings upon their return. (Photo courtesy of Eastbourne Herald, with thanks from Para-Monte)

Chris,Jeannet & Emma Savory handed over a cheque to Dr Alan Richardson and his students, who recently went to Peru.

Chris, Jeannet & Emma Savory handed over a cheque to Dr Alan Richardson and his students, who recently went to Peru.

26 March 2013
Donations received
Para-Monte was presented with a cheque for £460.00 by Ian Turnbull and Eliza Molik (The Hydro Hotel team),the amount they raised together by running the Eastbourne Half Marathon for Para-Monte. Well done guys and a massive thank you.
The Savory Family.

Chris, Jeannet and Emma Savory were presented a cheque by 'The Hydro Team' for Para-Monte.

Chris, Jeannet and Emma Savory were presented a cheque by ‘The Hydro Team’ for Para-Monte.

5 May 2013
Wiltshire Wildlife Walk for Adam
The ‘Sarsen Trail’ as it’s known, is an event close to the heart of the Savory family and our very good family friend Martin Grant.
Adam completed this trail twice, putting Martin and I to shame as we both only finished the second time around. It is a great scenic walk over the Salisbury plain and ends at Stonehenge. Extremely early on 5th May Team Para-Monte began the epic 26 mile walk that Adam had walked and loved……
Everyone was in high spirits as this was an event that we all knew would be difficult, challenging, but extremely rewarding and emotional.We could not have asked for a better group of people to complete this trail with. At different times during the day, Adam’s friends took it in turns to tell jokes and stories to help us get through the pain barrier, especially after reaching 19 miles, when the pain really started to kick in.
We all couldn’t have been prouder of my mum who completed the walk, without even one complaint. She was amazing that day, as she is every single day. Huge amount of effort by everyone and we your support helped us raise well over £900. Thank you.
We all did it for Adam!

All of us ready to go! 7.00am.

All of us ready to go!  7.00 am

7 July 2013
Bands and BBQ for Para-Monte
We had our biggest event to date at our local ‘The Pilot Inn’ on 7th July, where we had an afternoon/evening with amazing music, BBQ, a raffle, merchandise stall and above all a really fantastic great atmosphere. At one point, there were over 250 people at the event, so a massive ‘Thank you’ must go to all the people who helped organise the event and the smooth running of the day. The Bands & BBQ (classed by some as a mini Glastonbury), was everything we were hoping it to be and much more. We raised over £1000 in one day, such an amazing achievement! Thanks, we couldn’t have done it without YOU.
The Savory family.

Birds-eye view.

Birds-eye view.

22 November 2013
The 2nd Para-Monte Pilot Quiz
Adam loved quizzes and our 2nd Para-Monte Pilot quiz was a great success! Many of Adam’s good friends, along with many more family friends and colleagues turned out and enjoyed this get together, raising awareness, valuable money for the fund, as well as testing all of our knowledge. Over £300 was raised and our special Para-Monte ‘shopping bags were on sale too. We are so proud of what we have managed to achieve over the past 14 months and it has only been possible by all the Love, support and kindness of you.Thank you.
The Savory Family.

The Limitless team, all the way from London. Dressed in the Adam t-shirt.

The Limitless team, all the way from London. Dressed in the Adam t-shirt.

11 January 2014
Adam’s Bond Birthday Bash
A ‘Bond’ themed evening for Adam’s 27th birthday celebration, and no better way to celebrate his birthday, than with the people he loved. The evening had such a variety of entertainment, pleasure and of course laughter. With what has been described as delicious glasses of proseco to start, casino tables, a silent auction, Bond film screening music and more. The men in their ‘Bond’ like suits and women in their cocktail dresses, everyone looked exquisite! All our loyal supporters and great friends surrounded us on such a special occasion and the evening was a tremendous success. We raised £1750 with all the final donations counted this week. Special thanks must also go to all who helped, especially, Alex, Mark, Marcel (the photographer), Rob, Carly, and all the staff at Maxims.
The Savory Family

15 March 2014
Bike Bazaar in Meads Village Hall
Our first bazaar to raise some specific funds for our epic bike ride in the summer was at the Meads Village Hall, where we had a variety of stalls and a good old-fashioned cream tea for everyone to enjoy. Due to the first glorious sunshine, after weeks of rain, the afternoons attendance by our loyal followers,friends and family was heartening and we managed to raise £177.89 for our bikers. So well done for all who participated with their stalls and merchandise and of course thanks as always goes to the loyal supporters of Para-Monte.
The Savory Family

bazaareasterfete 224bazaareasterfete 222

bazaareasterfete 231bazaareasterfete 230

19 April 2014
The Wheatsheaf – Para-Monte Easter Fete
Para-Monte’s joint Easter Fete at the Wheatsheaf Inn at Willingdon was a great afternoon enjoyed by many families and friends, as well as the locals and the community who came out to support our worthy cause. We had lots of different stalls, from handmade crafts & books, pottery, supplied by local potters Graham Marshall and Sarah Harborne, local photographs by Vitus Sukoco, handmade books by Glenda Pearce and a variety of cakes made by some of our loyal Para-Monte friends (thanks Zoe,Lisa Karen and Jane), as well as an Easter Egg colouring competition and hunt which many smaller members of our followers took part in. Huge and massive thanks must go to Leah Hughes for setting up and organising this event and to Martin Hughes for opening up the Wheatsheaf in support of Para-Monte on Easter Saturday.
Our appreciation and thanks must also go to everyone who supported us throughout the afternoon and helped raise not only that all important Altitude Sickness Awareness, but a healthy £285.85 towards our bike ride costs too. Well done, we did Adam proud!
The Savory Family

bazaareasterfete 278bazaareasterfete 286bazaareasterfete 282bazaareasterfete 283bazaareasterfete 279bazaareasterfete 289

6 June 2014
Para-Monte Donation to Brighton University
Your supports and efforts in raising awareness and funds for Para-Monte have enabled us to make a further donation to Brighton University and their Altitude Centre.
Dr Alan Richards and his students from the Sport and Exercise Department are helping us to write and construct an Educational Programme/Film to be delivered to schools and colleges as well as travel companies and agents to teach them more about the dangers and risks and effect of Altitude Sickness.
This will help us to move forward in raising awareness on a much larger, global scale.
We like to thank each and everyone of you who made this possible and for your continual loyal support for Para-Monte. The Savory Family.

Para-Monte International Bike Ride = 1-6 August 14 – Eastbourne UK- Poppel Belgium.

  • The Para-Monte Bike Ride was an experience for the thirteen English bikers and two support van drivers, who were later joined by another 7 Belgian bikers and another Belgian driver. The cycle ride had been arranged to full fill one of the charity’s aim: to raise awareness for Altitude Sickness. The bike ride started at the ‘Pilot Inn’ Eastbourne, where the Mayor cut the ribbon to set bikers on their way. The first two days cycling saw it’s up and downs through the Sussex and Kent countryside. This was followed by a boat crossing and a completely  flat cycle ride through France and Belgium to our final destination where their Mayor, handed out our medals and friends and family gave us a most fabulous welcome at ‘tVoske in Poppel Belgium.
    The Para-Monte bike ride has been a truly memorable epic experience. The farewells and welcomes at both sides, the sore bums, the dinners, the beers, the after parties, the laughs till we cried,  the developing/bonding of new friendships, the continual support of family and friends and the donations we have received from all of YOU, have made this a fantastic way to raise Altitude Sickness awareness. The monies donated at this moment in time is nearing over £6255.86 and rising…..and you still can if you wish @ My Donate……Thank you.
    This unforgettable RIDE-ICULOUS bike ride was of course above all else to remember to ‘Live the Years’ and ridden for our most beautiful ADAM.
    The Savory Family. xxxx

Para-Monte Bike Ride EB-Poppel 1-6 Aug 14 055Para-Monte Bike Ride EB-Poppel 1-6 Aug 14 019

24 August 2014
The Para-Monte Summer Fete
Another sunny day awaited us at the Five Gables Garden……next door to the Wheatsheaf’s beer festival of Ales. Our familiar stalls of Adam’s Special T-shirts, Raffle, Scarves & Hat, Bric a Brac, Graham and Sarah’s Pottery, Tea and Cakes, Glenda’s dolly books, Vitas photography, face painting and the fabulous Heart and Hound Book Art by Leah.
Everyone had an enjoyable fun day…….with the Para-Monte Ladies Tug a War team winning and hanging on to last years first place….……….. all this made possible not only by the special offer of the Roberts Family’s beautiful garden, but made even better by the fantastic support of all of YOU who came and supported Para-Monte. Thanks to you we managed to not only raise that all important Altitude Sickness awareness, but a healthy £356.86 for the charity.
With grateful thanks. The Savory Family.

summer fete aug14 007summer fete aug14 021summer fete aug14 034summer fete aug14 045

September 2014
Para-Monte Three Peaks Challenge.
This challenge was very close to Adam’s heart and we feel proud that The Three Peaks team of six guys have taken up this challenge of raising Altitude Sickness awareness as their focus to represent the charity’s aim of spreading the word globally.
Mark, James, Allan, Russell, Martin and James set of on Sunday morning for their long 10/12 hrs journey to Scotland.
Their Three Peaks in 24 hrs challenge started at the foot of Ben Nevis late Monday afternoon, for the 5 hrs climb when once finished, a six hrs van journey to Scarfell Pike was to come.
Climbing a mountain in the dark is a challenge in itself, but Scarefell Pike in 4 hrs of darkness was quite a trek and this followed by another 4 hrs van journey to Snowden and another 5 hrs climb in store, makes for an experience never to be forgotten.
The grueling challenge completed, the raising Altitude Sickness awareness and funds over £500 for the charity, as well as Adam’s six colleagues and friends conquering The Three Peaks, make this an amazing achievement! Massive respect and congratulations guys!!
The Savories xxxx

29 September 2014
Donation by Ratton School Lyceum Community Students 
This morning we attended an assembly at Ratton School. We were overwhelmed by the total amount of £ 1111.14 raised by Mrs Sue Jones & Lyceum Community students for Para-Monte.
We were all very choked up, but Chris still spoke to the students about Adam and the charity. The students were enthralled by it.
It was an emotional morning, especially going back to the school where Adam and I went.
We are so proud of the students and teachers involved in the fundraising all last year to raise this huge amount for Para-Monte. Amazing job done by Ratton School.
Thank you so very much The Savory Family xx

Adam ani & summer events 039

28 November 2014
Third annual Para-Monte Pilot Quiz for Adam
What a quiz night….competition ran high…..and a tie break question……!!
We feel a fabulous evening was had by all and like to thank Lisa for the Pilot venue, the girls behind the bar for their service with a smile, Tom Robinson for stepping in last minute with vital mic equipment and Trevor, our assistant quiz master for providing answers and keeping the scores.
Above all we’d like to thank all of YOU for continually supporting us in raising that all important Altitude Sickness awareness. Your generosity raised £262.50 for Para-Monte and we all did Adam proud! The Savory Family xxxx

10 January 2015
Adam’s Swing Soiree
A truly ridiculous fabulous astounding wonderful epic soiree for our Adam!
The Gerschwin Gang’s music, learning the Charleston, a silent auction, our photo booth and raising £481.80for Altitude awareness too….made it a fantastic evening.
Everyone looked incredibly amazing taking the ‘Dress to Impress’ to another level….
We’re overwhelmed, grateful and thankful for your loyal support as well as the wonderful treasured memories.
We all did Adam so so proud!
Much love always…. The Savory Family xxxx


March 2015
10K Major Series Mud Challenge
Well they did their grueling mud challenge and wow…….. how grueling was that!!
However,Team Pilot conquered and won the day…all be it on their socks for some!
Para-Monte would like to thank Chris Proctor for organising the run and Proctor/Pilot for sponsoring the great Para-Monte running vests, of course not forgetting to congratulate each of you mud runners on your mammoth efforts.
We thank all our supporters and everyone who donated to this mud challenge and helped raise funds of £402.78 as well as Altitude Sickness Awareness.
You all did Adam proud. Massive Well Done!!
The Savorys xxxx
Mud Run mar 15 222Mud Run mar 15 226Mud Run mar 15 278Mud Run mar 15 295

30 August 2015
Summer Fete @ Wheatsheaf Beer Fesitval 

Our yearly summer fete at the Wheatsheaf beer festival got underway with a little cloud, however soon the sun came through and exciting times were had.
Thanks goes again to Jill and Tim’s for their lovely garden as our venue, where there was plenty to entertain the crowds at this combined event,such as:The Special Adam T-shirts,Leah’s Heart and Hounds handcrafted books, Graham’s Pottery, Jools jewelery, Bric a Brac, Lucky dip and Face Painting as well as our lovely tea & cakes stall, which was very well frequented, providing a welcome interlude.
Once again thanks also goes to all the people who cooked, baked,set-up stalls and gave up their Bank Holiday Sunday to man the stalls!!
A very enjoyable and fabulously fun day, made even better by the Para-Monte Ladies Tug a War team winning again, thus hanging on to their previous two years first place….Well done Ladies!!
Mind you, much appreciation and thanks as we couldn’t do these events without Everyone who came, took part and gave their support to this valuable cause, also boosting our charity funds by £323.41 to help raise that all important Altitude Illnesses awareness.
Lets say we’ll meet again next year. The Savory Family xxxx

summer pop and fete 013summer pop and fete 016summer pop and fete 023summer pop and fete 018summer pop and fete 032summer pop and fete 026summer pop and fete 037summer pop and fete 042<a

Saturday 26 September 2015
Mad Hatters Tea Party for Para-Monte

We were cordially invited by Alison Hughes,Bea Cornford and Leah Hughs, who had arranged this Mad Hatters Tea Party for Para-Monte in aid of raising awareness for Altitude Illnesses.
The ladies had made an enormous effort with a bake bonanza not seen before, with the barn @ the Wheatsheaf being beautifully decorated with: bunting, floral table clothes and serviettes as well as having tea out of vintage teapots and cups, all added to the setting of this fantastic venue.
Mind you all this was topped by the amazing creativity,time and efforts people had spent in making their fabulous Mad Hats!
As well as being able to drink tea (or some cheeky alcohol out of the teapots!) a brilliant £160.00 was raised for the Para-Monte Adam Savory Memorial Fund too.
This made a fabulous afternoon well worth repeating, so many more followers will be able to take part next time.
Thanks again to the three lovely ladies for this magnificent Mad Hatters Tea Party and all of you who attended to eat all the cakes and made generous donations.
See you next year…….LOL The Savorys xxxx

Mad Hatters  tea party 26 sept 15 012Mad Hatters  tea party 26 sept 15 029Mad Hatters  tea party 26 sept 15 020Mad Hatters  tea party 26 sept 15 001Mad Hatters  tea party 26 sept 15 027Mad Hatters  tea party 26 sept 15 032

27 November 2015
Para-Monte annual quiz @ The Pilot Inn

Well ….what a fabulous quiz night!
This year we welcomed new teams to our Para-Monte quiz at the Pilot, which meant the challenge was on……
Everyone enjoyed such a great evening with a brilliant atmosphere and £172.00 as well as valuable awareness for Altitude Sickness was raised.
Thanks goes to our loyal and new followers, who made this 4th annual quiz so memorable, by joining our ever-growing Para-Monte ‘family’.
We all did Adam proud! Much love, The Savorys xxxx


22 December 2015.
Christmas Surprise

We’d like to share some fabulous news with you all.
Today we received another £172 for our Adam Savory Memorial Fund, donated by Santander-Eastbourne, who matched the money YOU raised in our annual Para-Monte quiz.
Huge thanks to Santander for their generosity.
Much Love, The Savorys xxxx

24 April 16
Para-Monte South Downs Walk

We’re so so proud of all our Para-Monte walkers, who completed the 10/12 miles South Downs wal. As well as all our friends who saw us off at the Wheatsheaf,helped out in Jevington and gave us a warm welcome at the Pilot, never forgetting all of YOU, our sponsors, who kept us going on the walk, to raise funds over £600 so far, as well as Altitude Illnesses Awareness. We’re ‘Living the Years’ and you all did Adam proud.
Much Love The Savorys xxxx

2016-04-24 12.09.422016-04-24 14.05.162016-04-24 15.04.352016-04-24 13.41.51walk pm 24 April16 002

Saturday 16 July 16
Para-Monte’s Bands and BBQ 

Well, what can we say…………..our big Para-Monte Bands & BBQ event was a fabulous sunny affair, created by all the lovely people who came and supported our charity.
Listening to great music by Nick Webb & Jon Farey followed by the incredible (made shift) League of Gentlemen with Tom Robinson, David Welch, Dean White-Webster and Alex Robinson, made this gorgeous ‘sunny afternoon’ at the Pilot (thanks to Lisa & Simon for the venue) a truly memorable day for Adam.
Massive thanks goes to everyone involved for buying the special Adam T-shirts, bags and raffle tickets, with small and major prizes gratefully donated and provided by Becky Seed-Beau K florist/ Ferry crossing/ Hydro Hotel /Anita – Phoenix Boxing club/ Coppice Cakes and others.
Altogether You managed to raise an incredible £484 so far as well as that all important Altitude Awareness…:)
Thank you all for this Fabulous, Fantastic, Fun, Family day.
You all did Adam proud and in his words……‘RIDICULOUS’
Much Love The Savorys xxxx





Sunday 28 August 16
Para-Monte Summer Fete

Sending a massive thank you to ALL who came…….browsed the Vintage Bric a Brac, all you lovely children who took part in the Lucky Dip, guessed the Teddy’s name, bought T shirts and loads of cups of tea & cakes……. 🙂
Special thanks goes to Alison @ the Wheatsheaf, Jill and Tim for the use of Five Gables garden again and all the cake makers, with their amazing designer cakes 🙂 as well as all the volunteers and all of YOU, who helped us raise £149.70 for the fund and that all important Altitude Sickness Awareness.
Much appreciation….love to all, The Savorys


25 November 2016
Para-Monte annual quiz @ The Pilot Inn

Morning All
Huge appreciation and thanks goes to each and every one of YOU for coming to take part in our 4th annual Para-Monte quiz.
A lovely, fabulous evening, with lots of competitive teams (18), fun, laughter and togetherness was had by our amazing Para-Monte ‘family’. You managed to raise £327.50 towards further equipment, education and research as well as raising that all important Altitude Sickness Awareness. Your continual support for the charity and us means everything.We all did Adam proud. See you next year Folks !
Much Love The Savorys xxxx


28 Jan 2017

Brighton University £10.000 donation for Altitude Research & App news

An important and very proud day for Para-Monte.
Thanks to all who made this possible,supported and shared our charity raising Altitude Awareness event.
It means the world to us……Much Love The Savorys xxxx

This was covered by:

BBC Radio Sussex…..

Eastbourne Charity Presents £10k For Altitude Research

BBC South East Today….… @ 1.45 sec in….

1 May 2017

Para-Monte Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Well….did we enjoy the ridiculous ‘Mad Hats’…….teas, scones and cream, cakes, quiche, jam tarts and especially the sausage rolls……WE DID !!
Thanks to EVERYONE who came and helped support us by: guessing teddy’s name, colouring of top hats and the raffle.
Together with the amazing £285 plus a further teapot with donations a total of raised for more research, equipment and our schools programme, you also helped to spread the word and raise Para-Monte’s profile about that all-important Altitude Illnesses awareness. We couldn’t do this without YOU!
Much Love The Savorys xxxx


1 July 2017
Bands & BBQ 2017

So our very popular and fabulous Bands & BBQ event was back for another year!
Along with a mixture of musical entertainment we had an amazing, fantastic and fun family day, which gave us another opportunity to ‘spread the word’ about Altitude Illnesses and raise that all important Awareness!
Family and friends came along to now familiar stamping ground the Pilot Inn, Meads, to enjoy the food and drinks, the raffle as well as having a good old dance and sing song to all the bands.
Special thanks goes to Nick Webb for opening the event followed by Luke Dabbs, who traveled especially from London to play some of his own written songs for Adam and then of course our very own ‘Tommy Rob’ leading ‘Brotherhood’.
Huge thanks must go to all who made it this year and helped raise £423 for Para-Monte!
Hope to see you all and many more next year!!
LOL The Savorys xxxx

19732212_1182864328508385_7656137718411793911_n (1)19601239_1182865815174903_1278416175544087455_n19665185_1182864631841688_3812085446392933594_n (1)


27 August 2017
Summer Fete

Well again what can we say, only a massive thank you to each and everyone of You who came, supported, joined in, drank teas, coffees and ate the fabulously tasty cakes at this years wonderful Summer Fete in the Five Gables Garden (Thanks Jill) alongside the Wheatsheaf beer festival ( Thanks Leah/Martin)
Thanks to you all we raised £309.20 towards more research into Altitude Illnesses.
We couldn’t do this without all your fantastic efforts and support.
Adam would be well proud ! Much love The Savorys xxxx

17 November 2017
Para-Monte Fifth Quiz

Our quiz night this year again was…….amazing, fabulous and great fun evening was had by all!
Massive thanks to each and everyone of YOU who came and conquered the challenge, raised awareness and £226 towards further research about Altitude Illnesses.
Proud of our Para-Monte ‘Family’ supporting the charity and ‘Living the Years’ for/with Adam. We couldn’t do this without all of you.
See you next year folks!  Much Love The Savorys ❤ xxxx ❤

11 May 2018
Para-Monte Race Night

Huge thanks goes to all who came and fluttered 🙂
We had laughs, fun and wins on dogs, pigggies and gee-gees….
Awareness and funds raised £200 , plus added gift aid to a total of £250   🙂
Thanks also goes to the the RAFA club venue, Dave, Lisa & Ian for organising this event.
Lovely evening…… to be repeated late September…. for more folks to join in and enjoy!
We’ll keep you posted.    LOL The Savorys ❤ xxxx ❤


14 May 2018
Tristan da Cunha

Fabulous news from Tristan da Cunha…. 🙂
We are overwhelmed and proud to let you know that the event held on the remotest island was an amazing success..:)
Thanks must go to Kelly for organising this as well as all her friends who baked, made things and all the peeps living on the island for taking part, raising Altitude Awareness and an incredible £390.40 for Adam’s charity 🙂
Please read their story:
Huge thanks, gratitude and Much Love ❤ The Savorys ❤




26 August 2018
Para-Monte Summer Fete

Hi Folks
Despite the torrential rain …..we’d like to say a massive thanks to Jill and Tim for hosting our annual Para-Monte Summer Fete again alongside the Wheatsheaf festival of Ales 🙂
Another massive Thanks goes to the guys (you know who you are!) for setting up the gazebos as well as all the friends who baked cakes, cookies and cupcakes for us, helped sell raffle, guess teddy’s name tickets and made cups of teas and scones.
The rain didn’t spoil the fun either for any of us, nor for the two lovely little girls (Isla and Chloe) guessing Teddy’s name and the delightful young Archie choosing raffle prices and supplying his family in the pub with home made cakes….…  🙂
A great Altitude Awareness discussion with a guy from Bedfordshire (keep spreading the word) all added to this years wet Para-Monte Summer Fete.
Your continual support is much appreciated and managed to raise £90 on the day with more cakes to be sold tomorrow, so we’ll keep you posted…. 🙂  LOL The Savorys ❤ xxxx ❤



16 November 2018
Para-Monte 6th annual quiz

Dear All.
Huge appreciation and thanks goes to each and every one of YOU for coming to take part in our annual Para-Monte quiz…..and what a night it was.. 🙂
A lovely, fabulous evening, with lots of competitive teams (18), fun, laughter and togetherness was had by our amazing Para-Monte ‘family’.
You managed to raise £232.00 towards further equipment, education and research as well as raising that all important Altitude Sickness Awareness.
Your continual support for the charity and us means everything, we all did Adam proud!
See you next year Folks !
Much Love The Savorys ❤ xxxx ❤

29 March 2019

Para-Monte Race Night!
Hi Everyone
A massive thanks to The RAFA club, Dave, Lisa and Ian for hosting a great evening.
To all of you who came, we had laughs, fun and wins on dogs, piggies and gee-gees and made this fabulous fun night such a success, raising altitude awareness and £175 for our charity.
Feel you missed out …then look out for our next race night and come and join us 🙂
We did Adam proud ❤ Grateful @ Para-Monte

IMG_0259 (2).jpg

19 May 2019
South Downs walk

Evening All
Well ….10 became 12 miles…. on our interesting walk……:)
Got lost in the woods… haha ..but of course found the pub for a pint and had a glorious last leg in the sun… 🙂
Massive thanks to all you walkers and last but not least all of you who sponsored and donated today to further education and research of the risks and dangers at Altitude! Raising valuable Awareness @ www
We all did Adam proud ❤ xxxx ❤

60358223_10157084060787707_2519350175709790208_n.jpg 60453803_2649104975375900_8820144555597758464_n.jpg


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