Up coming…

Watch this space for dates and times of our new and exciting Para-Monte events.



      • Para-Monte Mad Hatter’s Tea Party = May 2018 -Date tbc

      Who wouldn’t love….. a best ‘Hat’ competition, cream tea, vintage bric a brac stall , a raffle and family fun & games.
      You do!…… 🙂
      Then do come along this year for another lovely afternoon to share some teapots and cakes in the old Barn with your family and friends at The ‘new’ Coffee Lounge/ the Wheatsheaf Inn, Willigdon, Eastbourne.
      See you at the party!:)

    • Para-Monte Bands & BBQ @ Pilot = July 2018 – Date tbc
    • Our annual Para-Monte Bands & BBQ has become a very popular event for us…. 🙂
      Listening to the bands and seeing all of you enjoying the family and friends get together, the fantastic atmosphere, a few drinks and a little dance to the fabulous music, makes this afternoon so worthwhile.
      We’re grateful for the tremendous turn out from our loyal followers and hope that this year more ‘new’ folks may join our musical event as well as help raise funds and that all important global Altitude Illnesses Awareness. 🙂
      So,safe the date and we’ll see you there folks!!

    • Para-Monte Summer Fete = Sunday 26 August 2018
    • Para-Monte would like to welcome everyone to another Summer Fete alongside the Wheatsheaf festival of Ales.
      The fete has gone from strength to strength with the smaller family members and non-drinkers enjoying the tea & cakes, lucky dip and raffle.
      The Altitude Awareness raising carries on amidst joining the beer festival activities of barrel rolling and the famous Tug a War 🙂
      Come and join us in a fun afternoon in the Green Gable Garden……bring the family and your friends…..See you all there 🙂

    • Para-Monte Pilot Quiz = Friday 16 November 2018

Our now well established, yearly quiz, is a fabulous get-together for the whole Para-Monte ‘family’. The ever increasing teams, continue to take up the challenge always trying to expand their knowledge, something Adam very much embraced. 🙂
This lively evening of fun and laughter as well as competitiveness and togetherness, helps to support us  by spreading the word and raising that all important Altitude Illnesses Awareness.
So….do you fancy a challenge then come and defend yourself and put in a team.
See you on the night !


Para-Monte events to come soon……..

      • Cuckoo Trail Cycle Ride
      • Games / Race Night
      • Harry Potter Ball
      • Oscar Night
      • Pier to Pier Walk
      • Round the World  Feast
      • Family Sports Day
      • Tennis Tournament

We’ll keep you posted ………….

Thanks for your continual support at our events.

2 Responses to Up coming…

  1. Pingback: Family of Eastbourne man set up website to warn others of altitude sickness - Sovereign FM

  2. savory4 says:

    Thanks Sovereign FM for helping us raise awareness about Altitude Illnesses!!
    Please keep spreading the word…
    ‘Prepare and Be aware’,as together we can make a difference!
    The Savories

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