Gifts are always good to buy for someone you love…..

Para-Monte feels, we have created some useful items, that not only will help towards the charity funds, but towards raising awareness too. Should you wish to make a purchase, you can contact us via our face book page.

Please have a look…………..Our ideas may inspire you.

Thank you.

Live The Years – A song for Adam

Live the years.

Live the years.

Specially written for Adam by : Alex Spiers & Nick Webb.

The unique 'Adam t-shirt'

The unique ‘Adam t-shirt’

The special ‘Adam T-shirt’, designed by his mate Bryn, represents our Adam, who created his own fashion. He loved his specially chosen T-shirts, hats, his Rupert scarf and found all this ‘Ridiculous’ and very stylish. You too can be ‘trendy’ with this unique ‘Adam T-shirt’.

                Adam T-shirt = £10.00

The retro shopping bag

The retro shopping bag

Para-Monte Shopping bag, will ‘really’ get people asking and talking about
Altitude Sickness and gets the message out there!  

                         Cotton bag = £5

Our trolley token

Our trolley token

Do you forget to bring a pound or can’t find one in your purse, just when you need one.      
Para-Monte Trolley Token…….. not only easy to use, but doubles up as a key ring.

                 Trolley Token  = £1

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