Natur Skin Repair Series, Skincare that Makes Skin Auto Glowing

Having healthy and glowing skin is the dream of all women. But not infrequently the face still has problems even though you have tried various types of skincare. It is very important to know what skincare ingredients are suitable for your skin condition. For those of you who want to have an auto glowing face, you can try the skincare series from the Natur Skin Repair Series. 

Natur Skin Repair Series for Glowing Facial Skin

What are the Natur Skin Repair Series for facial skin to make it more glowing? Come on, see Marsha Beauty  ‘s review below, Girls  

Natur Renew Skin Hydrating Toner

The packaging is a thick glass bottle made of doff that is not easily broken. There is also a description of no alcohol, no fragrance, and has been dermatologically tested as well as BPOM and halal on the packaging. The texture of the toner is runny like water and is easily absorbed and light on the skin. From the very beginning, this toner is very moisturizing. 

How to use it can be poured into a cotton swab or into the hands and applied directly to the face. The benefits of this Hydrating Toner are to ensure a clean face after washing your face, restore facial moisture, hydrate the skin, brighten, and make the skin look healthy. This toner is suitable for all skin types because it contains Vitamin C, Sour Lime, Niacinamide, and Natural Hyaluronate. 

In addition to brightening, this toner is also useful for fading dark spots, controlling excess oil, protecting skin from free radicals, and strengthening the skin barrier. This toner is safe for teenagers, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, you know! 

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Natur Miracle Renew Skin Serum

After washing your face and using Natur Renew Skin Hydrating Toner, the next series is Natur Miracle Renew Skin Serum. This serum has an elegant-looking packaging with doff glass that doesn’t break easily. The pipette cap is also practical, one dropper is enough to be applied all over the face. 

The texture of the serum is in the form of a water based gel that doesn’t make the skin look oily and absorbs easily. How to apply it is also easy, can be applied directly to the face or to the hands first. This serum contains Panax ginseng root Extract and Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate as well as a no alcohol, no paraben, no fragrance, and non-irritant formula. 

The result of using this serum makes the skin moist, glowing and looks healthy. The benefit of this serum is to emphasize the antioxidant content in ginseng and Galactomyces. The high antioxidants in ginseng work to keep the skin barrier stronger. Galactomyces can make the skin extra moist. If the skin is well moisturized, the skin will look younger and less prone to skin problems. Just like the toner, this serum is also BPOM, safe for sensitive skin, even pregnant and lactating women.

Natur Miracle Glowing & Moisturizing Face Oil Serum

The packaging is similar to the serum. Even though this is a face oil, the texture is not like oil at all, more like water. This face oil is very light and doesn’t clog pores. 

The ingredients of this face oil are Almond Oil and Olive Oil. Almond Oil is useful for improving skin texture. Olive oil works to keep the skin moist. This face oil can make your skin auto-smooth and glowing!

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Nature’s Sleeping Mask Aloe Vera

This sleeping mask product is a transparent gel that absorbs quickly and is not sticky. When applied to the face, this sleeping mask will provide a cooling effect so that you sleep better. 

It’s easy to use, you just need to apply it and spread it all over your face. This sleeping mask is the key to getting flawless skin. The content of 98% Aloe Vera and Hyaluronate can keep the skin moist during sleep. For those with acne-prone skin, this product is great for improving skin texture. When you wake up in the morning, your skin will look glowing and radiant.

This Natur Skin Repair Series also functions as an anti-aging to prevent premature aging. So you can use this skincare series since you were a teenager so that your skin looks youthful.