Unique Villa in Bali

Villa is a residence that is never empty of visitors, especially in tourist attractions such as Bali. From villas with low prices to luxury villas equipped with the best facilities, it is always full of tourists from within and outside the country.

Unique Villa in Bali

Of the many villas, there are unique villas in Bali that may be rarely known by many people. Here are some unique Bali villas that you can rent when visiting Bali.

1. Villa Umah Tampih

This villa is built on the edge of the Kedewatan hill. When you are in this villa, you will be treated to views of the rice fields and the calm flow of the Ayung river. Of course this will make your vacation more enjoyable.

The shape of the Umah Tapih villa building is quite unique, especially the roof. The architecture of this villa is a blend of modern industrial power and tropical Bali. The matching interior also makes anyone feel at home to live there.

2. Sharma Springs Bamboo

One of the other unique Bali Villas is Sharma Springs Bamboo. As the name suggests, the entire architecture and interior of this building was built using bamboo. This is clear evidence of sustainable building that has been successfully implemented in Bali.

To enter this villa you will pass through a tunnel made of bamboo which is shaped like a trumpet. From this villa you will be presented with views of beautiful forests and the Ayung river that can restore your spirit.

3. Villa One Eleven

Villa One Eleven is located in the middle of Seminyak area which is famous for its shopping and culinary center. Even though it is located in a densely populated area, this villa provides peace and privacy for its tenants.

The shape of the building looks unique from the outside like a modern Japanese-style building. The upper side of the building is in the form of a large beam wrapped in rows of wood. While the interior is designed very modern with a touch of wood and is equipped with facilities such as spa, massage and private butler.

4. Villa Pererepan

Villa Pererepan is one of the buildings in the Villa Awang-Awang complex which has the most luxurious and cool design in Bali. Applying the design ideology of the Fibonacci golden triangle which is a balanced measure for all creations in the universe, Villa Pererepan also carries a high value of sustainable buildings.

Those are some unique Bali villas that can be one of your choices to stay while in Bali. If you want to find a villa in Bali, you can contact Bali Villas R Us which provides a large selection of unique and comfortable villas